Kyle Devour
Kyle Devour
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President's son
around 17
President Devour
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Adam Scott Miller

Kyle is one of the students being held hostage from the Ballard School kidnapping. He is also the presidents son. His rescue is the 1st priority of the FBI's list because of his parents are the most powerful of all the students parents.


  Kyle seems like a nice guy. He has stood up for others throughout the episodes for people such as Beth Ann and her best friend Ian. He has even yelled at his friend Luke to stop insulting Beth Ann. Kyle also apologizes for things his friends do. He seems to want to protect Beth Ann from ridicule as shown in episode two. During his apology to Beth Ann she calls him Superboy and she calls him Superboy again when she goes to apologize to him for her attitude. He kissed Beth Ann when she was cutting herself. This could lead to a possible relationship between the two. Beth Ann kissed him when he was grieving.


  • The President of the United states: his father, he is willing to let Kyle die to protect the country
  • Beth Ann Gibson

They kissed in the bathroom when Kyle catches Beth Ann trying to harm herself in ("We Were Supposed To Help Each other") Beth Ann kissed him on the couch when he was grieving Hurst but they were interrupted by a guard. ("Designated Allies")