Beth Ann Gibson
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Beth Ann Gibson (Stevie Lynn Jones) is a main character in the NBC series Crisis. She is one of the kidnapped children, and the daughter of Thomas Gibson.


In flashbacks, it is shown that Beth Anne had a normal childhood but soon things started to fall apart around her 15th birthday. This is around the time Operation Lennox happened. It is seen that this put a strain on her parents' marriage. She takes her mother's side when she knows her father is locked out but doesn't let him in.


The relationship between her father and her is very strained because of her parents separation a year ago. When she sees her father at the departure, she is very surprised and confused by this. She bluntly tells her father to not talk to her on this trip. After the bus is taken hostage, she genuinely starts to care for her fathers well being. She is very upset and in shock when her father is injured by the kidnappers. She is not aware that her father is involved in the kidnapping.

In the Pilot there isn't much contact between them. Yet in episode two Kyle defends Beth Ann and Ian from Lukes harassment. As he apologizes to Beth Ann, she calls him superboy and the discuss this. When she apologizes to him, they share a small moment. In the fourth episode, Kyle tries to protect Beth Ann from the guards but she ends up yelling at him. She seems very concerned about Kyle when Ian tells her the Luke was snorting his meds. Towards the end of the episode it shows that Beth Ann has been cutting herself. Kyle enters and talks to Beth Ann about wanting something that is yours and only yours and ends up stopping her from cutting in that moment. Kyle kisses her and when she leaves saying that he doesn't know what it's like he is surprised.

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"A friend is trying to escape" this is the first time Beth Ann actually admit that her and kyle are a lot more then classmates

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